How to increase the watch time of a video on YouTube

Owners of YouTube channels are often faced with the fact that users quickly leave without watching the video to the end. They try to figure out the reasons, and increase the viewing time of the video, until its very end. Why is watch time important? After all, viewing is counted even for an incomplete time.

Because in YouTube analytics there is a criterion "Audience retention", and it reacts to the percentage (completeness) of video viewing, and the promotion of the video and the channel directly depends on this. You can order 4000 minutes watch time youtube on the website


Reasons for incomplete viewing

The first to draw the viewer’s attention to the video is its title and preview — a small picture above the title, illustrating the theme.

An increase in attention or a decrease in attention and sympathy is formed in the first 10 to 20 seconds. If the content of the video does not correspond to the loud headline, the viewer leaves.

Or when the author talks about himself and the brand for a long time, or even includes a long advertisement from the first seconds. It happens when the author reveals the topic at the beginning, and then loses the thread and level of presentation. But attention must be held until the very end.

But, even after watching the main part, the viewer can leave when the author at the end of the video frankly switches to advertising or informational messages.

The viewer also leaves when the video is filled with extraneous information and advertising.

Capturing attention


First of all, you don’t need to deceive the viewer. The content should match the title and not be boring.

To retain the viewer, intrigue and attention grabbing are needed in the first 15-20 seconds:

  • We need a brief announcement of the entire video — a mosaic of bright frames from the video.
  • The climax or the result is best moved to the end of the video. But the viewer must know what awaits him. Including a light healthy intrigue. If it is not there, then maybe this video is not needed, or to modify it?
  • Don’t promise exaggerated results.It is better to make an advertisement short, infrequently, in the middle of the video. The same applies to invitations to subscribe and put likes or dislikes. You don’t need to do this from the first seconds of the video.
  • The beginning must not be delayed. This will be annoying, and the viewer will turn off the show or rewind the video.
  • Do not stretch all content. Choose the optimal duration. Break the topic into videos for 10 — 15 minutes.
  • Use time codes.
  • Be sure to interview and take into account the opinion, advice and wishes of loved ones and experts before the demonstration.
  • Be sure to ask and take into account the opinion in the comments of the viewers. If there are comments, that’s good, but if there are a lot of them, and they are positive, then the policy is correct. The viewer is the main arbiter, and you need to conduct a dialogue with him. This not only keeps subscribers and attracts new ones, but also keeps the viewer until the end of the video.

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