What is grain processing

Grain processing is one of the promising areas in the agricultural industry. Thanks to processing, it is possible not only to reduce the burden of collecting a large volume of harvest each year, but also to offer consumers new types of products that are currently in great demand.

The purpose of the grain processing procedure is to separate components that can then be used as a finished product or undergo additional processing, during which new products will be created. Grain processing for export carried out by the company upi-agro.eu


Processing stages

Grain processing includes several main stages. Each of which has its own characteristics and nuances, and also involves a certain method of influencing the grain:


At this stage, grain is transported from storage points for primary external cleaning of dirt, dust and other contaminants.

Next, the grain is processed with moisture and high temperatures, during which it is thoroughly moistened and steamed, after which it is dried and cooled.

To complete the first stage, the grain is sorted;

Crushing and grinding

This stage is somewhat different, depending on the type of grain processed and the final purpose, but the basis is always crushing and grinding.

The output is a solid ground mass that has not lost or changed its chemical composition and fully corresponds to all the characteristics of the grain;


At this stage, the already ground grain undergoes a procedure for separating certain components for their further use: fats, vitamins and minerals. The stage can also be used to obtain ready-made consumer goods — starch and gluten.

These products can also be sent for additional processing to obtain a new product.


What raw materials can be used

The following can be used as grain raw materials for processing and processing the resulting components: oats and corn, wheat and other grain crops. Depending on the location of the processing plant, there is a predominance of a certain type of grain that grows best in a particular region.

However, in the case of specific requests from the agricultural industry, emphasis may be placed on specific types of grains.

The most accessible and widely grown grain is wheat. In the process of its processing, you can obtain starch and wheat gluten.

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